• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Seven

“Sir Kindker,” repeated Vialon, “we have a Kinter with us back at our camp. I would guess this is the same name with some variation. It is good to meet you Sir Kindker. We come to trade nawledge with you, to share what we have learned about growing crops, and constructing homes, and healing the sick, and many other things. Most of all, we come in peace, first and always. We are no threat to you, and I hope we become friends.”

Kindker looked at the other guards for a moment, and then turned back to Vialon.

“We will take you to the priest, but not her or her or her,” he said pointing at Jendi, Sevenser and Enisaw.

“Sir Kindker,” said Vialon as he laid out his palms in a gesture of conciliation, “they are part of our group. If they do not go, we do not go.”

“Of what possible use can they be to you?” said Kindker with puzzlement.

“Of use they are, for they have great nawledge.”

“They do the trading?” asked Kindker, and for the first time he looked at the women.

“Yes, they do the trading.”

“Very well, they may follow behind, but they may not enter the home of the priest. ’Tis death to do so.”

“Acceptable,” said Vialon, glancing at Jendi. She nodded, and then she and Sevenser and Enisaw followed the horsemen, but about six paces behind her own soldiers.

“What’s the plan?” asked Enisaw quietly.

“Let’s see what happens,” replied Jendi just as silently. No need to rile these guards any more than necessary. “At least we will get to see the village, and Vialon can relay the results of any discussions they have with the priest.”

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