• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Seventeen

After they had gone several hundred meters down the road, and once they had passed the few remaining farms on the way, and now they had turned and were no longer in line of sight of the village, Wenden stopped.

“I’m afraid you will have to lead now, for I never saw where your vessel landed, other than somewhere in that forest up ahead.”

“We are fine from here,” said Jendi, “and we promise not to stray from the road. We have no intention of causing any trouble for you or for this world. If we are not welcome here, we will leave.”

“So you are not returning?” asked Wenden.

“Not any time soon it appears,” said Jendi.

“Then may I walk with you to your vessel,” he asked. “They may be my only chance to see such a thing.”

Jendi laughed and said, “Of course, follow us.”

They walked into the forrest until they had reached the clearing and saw the ship gleaming in the setting sun. Wenden’s eyes grew wide at the sight.

“There it is,” pointed Grif, “our vessel — we call it a starship — called The Candell.”

“I have never seen something so big,” said Wenden with wonder. They had now walked to the ship itself, and saw Doona who greeted Tinno with a hug.

“Any trouble?” she asked her soldier husband.

“No trouble,” said Tinno, “but no success either.”

“You are not welcome here, it seems, much to my disappointment,” said Wenden.

Doona turned to the stranger.

“I’m Doona, the ship’s cook.”

“Wenden, guard of the priest — well, apprentice guard anyway.”

“Glad to have met you, Wenden, can you stay to late meal?”

“I think so,” said Wenden. “I have no further duties today.”

“Good,” said Jendi, “come onboard the ship and I will show you what our vessel looks like on the inside.”

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