• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Six

As the horsemen grew closer it was clear that these were guards, or soldiers, or some official designation of that sort, for they wore uniforms. They were well-made uniforms, indicating some sophistication in clothing manufacturing, and they were of a uniform color and design. This was not a primitive culture. The horses wore dress mail as well, and the men each had a sword by their side. That they did not unsheathe their swords betrayed their confidence in their strength compared to these newcomers.

“Declare yourselves,” cried the lead horseman, a well-built and tall man of early middle-age with some grey amidst his dark brown hair, beard and mustache. He addressed his command to Vialon, who he must have assumed was the oldest of this new group.

“We are visitors to your land from far away, and we come in peace and friendship,” said Jendi.

The lead horsemen continued staring at Vialon while he winced in what looked like embarrassed annoyance at the interruption.

“I am called Jendi, to whom am I speaking?”

“Silence, maiden!” The horseman was enraged, and the other four guards also expressed disgust. “You are not even to look upon me, let alone loose your tongue in the presence of men.”

Jendi looked surprised for a moment, mentally shrugged (through was careful not to let that show physically), turned to Vialon and nodded for him to continue the discussion.

“We are here to trade,” said Vialon to the lead.

“Trade? What have you to trade?”

“May I inquire of your name, good sir?” asked Vialon with as much deference as Jendi ever heard the soldier use.

“I am Sir Kindker,” replied the lead horsemen. We are the priest’s guards.”

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