• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Sixteen

“Thank you for your kindness and for a delicious meal,” said Jendi.

“I grow tired of your voice,” said Reidhi.

“Please thank your servant,” said Jendi, ignoring his insult.

“I will do no such thing! Imagine the audacity of wanting to thank a servant. You people know nothing of the scriptures! Now leave my house. Go on. Leave”

He waved his arms as if to shoo them off his porch, and the six of them stepped out of the house and down the path, not looking back, but certain Reidhi was there still shooing them away. When they got to the end of the path they found Wenden and Kindker waiting for them.

“If you have seen enough,” said Kindker, “we will escort you back to the city edge so you can return the way you came.”

“You saw the priest’s reaction, eh?” said Grif.

“I saw enough to know you are no longer welcome here,” said Kindker.

“Very well, lead us on,” said Jendi, taking delight in the shock she gave the guard, but she also noting that Wenden smiled at the sight.

The two guards led them through the extended village, Kindker in the front, and Wenden in the rear, near where the women walked. Several times as they walked, Jendi got the impression that Wenden wanted to say something, but she had no desire to further antagonize Kindker until they were safely outside the village. A few minutes later they got to the edge of the village and Kindker stopped.

“You may return to your vessel,” he said.

Wenden cleared his throat. “Permission to escort them to their vessel? We want to make sure they do not wander off the path, do we not?”

“Oh, that is acceptable,” said Kindker.

Moving to the front of the six, Wenden said, “This way, please.” They followed.

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