• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Ten

“Greetings, gentlemen,” said the priest in a steady, low voice, “I do not know you, have you come from a far-off land?”

Vialon raised his right hand in a gesture of greeting and said, “Indeed we have, and it is an honor for us to meet you. My name is Vialon, and this is Grif and Tinno.”

“You do not know my name?” puzzled the priest.

“Alas, we have not been privileged with this information,” said Vialon.

“How can this be? I am known throughout all the lands.”

“Ah, then perhaps we have our answer, for we are not from these lands, but from another world entirely.”

“Another world?” asked the priest with some alarm. “Are you angels?”

“No,” said Vialon as he gave a sidelong glance at Grif who was stifling a laugh. “We are men as yourselves, no more, no less.”

“They brought maidens with them! And they seek the trade with us, through these maidens!” objected Kindker.

The priest looked at Kindker with curiosity. “Where are these maidens?”

“They show respect for your culture, sir,” said Vialon, “and wait out by the entrance to your land.”

The priest walked to a window and glanced out of the front, and then returned to Vialon.

“My name is Reidhi,” said the priest gravely, “and I will hear more about this land you come from, but we do not need to keep my guards with us. Leave us alone and my servant will prepare a nice lunch for my guests where they can tell me all about their home.”

Kindker bowed and he and the three other guards left the house.

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