• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Twelve

“It is nice to meet such a polite person,” said Jendi, “let alone one who is willing to be kind in the face of societal rules meant to crush such kindness. Your apology is unnecessary, for we understand there are different cultures on each world, and we wish to respect each culture we meet.”

“So it is true,” said Wenden. “You do fly from world to world!”

Jendi laughed softly. “Yes, we do.”

“I dreamed of this since I was a child,” he said shyly.

“Your dreams are real,” said Jendi, “and I hope one day you will see this for yourself.”

“Come,” said Vialon, “let us not keep Reidhi waiting.”

“Yes, thank you, Wenden, for being kind to us,” said Jendi as she turned around.

As the three of them walked back into the house, Wenden stared at them with a thoughtful gaze.

Inside Vialon introduced the women to Reidhi, and he invited them all to his dining room where his servant had laid out a feast.

After a few minutes of simply commenting on the food and drink, Reidhi changed the topic of discussion.

“Our records tell of a time in our past where visitors from the sky came and traded for our goods, and they also tell of a time when we had vessels that took us to the sky to trade for their goods, but I thought this was exaggerated legend. Now I see you here, Vialon, and I begin to wonder.”

“Indeed,” said Vialon, as he swallowed a bit of his lunch, “those days were real. On our world, a place called Aurial, it seemed to be legend for our people too. But we found a hidden cache of nawledge that told us how to build these vessels again and fly to the stars, and now that we have learned of this nawledge, we wish to share it with other worlds. Would it not be better to have trade between our worlds, not just within a single world.”

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