• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Twenty

Wenden stood up in alarm, and Jendi got up too. They, along with the soldiers went down to the lower level and went outside. There was Kindker and the other guards. Seeing Wenden emerge from the vessel, he addressed him sternly.

“You have abandoned your duty!”

“No, Sir Kindker,” said Wenden in alarm at being in trouble, “I was just looking at their ship after they invited me to share a meal with them.”

“Then you have contaminated yourself with their poisonous ideas. Climb aboard my horse with me. I will deliver you to the prison for treatment.”

Wenden looked downcast.

“This is not necessary,” said Jendi. “We simply —“

“Do not address me, maiden!” yelled Kindker.

“Hold on,” said Vialon gently in an attempt to defuse the emotion. “He meant no harm, and I assure you no harm was done. Sharing a meal is not a crime.”

“The sharing of ideas is!”

Silence hung in the air as the implication of that phrase settled into everyone’s minds. Then breaking the silence was a small voice making a plea for help.

“Let me go with you, Jendi,” said Wenden.

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