• Nick Richards

Chapter 5: Enarw - Part Twenty One

Jendi turned toward him in surprise, but quickly understood the train of thought that brought him to this decision. An apprentice guard can quickly be stripped of rank, and being sent to prison to receive ‘treatment’ sounded grim for job prospects. They had inadvertently contaminated him with ideas that this culture found anathema. He was doomed to a life of suspicion unless that treatment could purge his mind of the kindness he had experienced.

“Unacceptable,” said Kindker, “get on my horse now!”

“Do you have family here? Are you married? Parents? Siblings?” asked Jendi urgently.

“No,” said Wenden, “I have no one. My mother and father died, of course, for they were already double my age, and they never had any other children. I have not yet married. It’s just me. Take me with you. Please.”

Jendi looked at Kindker who was growing more agitated, and then at Vialon who was looking at her for direction, though it was clear he had no objection to Wenden’s request. Jendi turned to Tinno and nodded. Tinno immediately grabbed Wenden’s shoulder in such as way as to indicate a command and not a request, whirled him around and began marching him back to the ship. When Kindker and the other guards made a move toward the ship, Vialon, Janen and Kinter formed a blocking wall and startled the horses into halting suddenly.

“I accept Wenden’s request for sanctuary,” Jendi said as she turned toward the ship. “I suggest, Kindker, that you turn around and leave. We have weapons you cannot even dream of, and we would hate to use it on you, but if you attack us we will.”

“We must have our prisoner!” shouted Kindker.

Vialon pulled out a laser and shot a nearby tree. The laser cut a hole right through the trunk leaving a smoking hole in the center.

“That could be your chest if you do not take more care,” he said.

Kindker glared at him for a moment, and then turned. “Take him, he’s yours.”

Jendi and Wenden and the soldiers entered The Candell. Jendi gave orders and Renger brought the ship into space shortly afterward. Wenden was in space.

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