• Nick Richards

Chapter 6: A New World - Part Nine

“They didn’t know about it at first. By the time word got to them, enough people had heard these tales that they could not be stopped. The executions began, but the sharing of nawledge stayed one step ahead of death. Finally a group of nawledgists, as we now call them, took those books and sailed off to a land that was uninhabited, and there they stayed for generations. Learning, growing, testing this nawledge on the land, in the home, in factories that were eventually set up. We as a people grew from working with wood to learning to forge metal tools, and from there to advanced materials. By the time the nawledgists left their land and confronted the zealots, the zealots were no match for this new nawledge. The nawledgists were so advanced in their lives, it became obvious who the creator was blessing, and it wasn’t the zealots. But not everyone agreed, and a war broke out, though not quite a war as such. We call them the Riots, and, well, it became very dark for our people …”

“Not everyone agreed on the best plan forward,” said Vialon. “There were those of us who saw this new tek, uh, tools, Wenden, and wanted that more than anything. Others wanted to hold onto the old ways, or thought we were being blasphemous, and they fought hard against us.”

“Learning new tools is hardly blasphemous,” said Wenden.

“Overthrowing the priestly caste, on the other hand …” said Vialon.

“Ah, I see what you mean, yes,” said Wenden.

“At times it was family against family,” said Jendi darkly. “My own brother fought on the side of the zealots and was killed before my eyes in the Riots.”

“Oh, Jendi, I’m so sorry,” said Wenden.

“I think this is first time I’ve ever heard you talk about this openly,” said Sevenser with widened eyes.

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