• Nick Richards

Chapter 6: A New World - Part One

“Considering your planet’s conditions, you are in decent enough shape, young man,” said Enisaw as she listened to Wenden’s heart and lungs.

“What conditions are you talking about?” he responded. He was sitting on the examination bed of the medical bay, with his shirt off and his new pants on. He was given crew clothing the previous night after the ship departed his planet. He looked on in amazement as his planet went from filling the entire bridge window to just a point in the darkness of space. Space! He didn’t know what to expect from space, so that was just the sheer wonder of it all. He had so many questions, and Jendi and Sevenser had so many answers, his head hurt by the time he went to sleep in his own cabin — a spare one that the ship’s builders had installed for just such a possibility. Even sleep was odd for him for there was no village sound to comfort him, and the bed was impossibly different for something that should not be different in the least. The lights in his cabin were another astonishing miracle.

“Your planet was cold, and the kinds of fruits and vegetables you could grow were limited,” Enisaw answered. “When you eat a limited diet, it is bad for your body. You said yesterday, as if it were matter of fact, that your parents died of what I assume were natural causes when they were just twice your age. Is that typical, I take it?”

“Yes, we live to about 40 on average, but I had a grandmother who lived to 56!”

“Imagine that,” said the doctor, finishing listening to his body, and now beginning to look at the blood analysis being displayed on her medical computer. “Hmm … your blood work is deficient in a few things, as I expected, but nothing that cannot be fixed with some vitamins and injections, and a few more of Doona’s meals.”

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