• Nick Richards

Chapter 6: A New World - Part Seven

When a couple of hours had passed, and most of the crew gathered in the dining area for mid meal, Janen and Wenden entered looking flush from working out. They sat down together.

“How was your morning, Wenden?” asked Jendi from across the long table.

“Good,” he replied, looking at her shyly. “Your soldiers are in better shape than our guards.”

“He is off to a good start,” said Jalen. “In a couple of weeks, I’ll have in in good shape.”

“You have a couple of weeks,” said Jendi. “Shadrach is still 15 days out at our current speed. Plenty of time for Wenden to get to know what he needs to know.”

Doona started serving the lunch and there was mostly eating sounds for a few minutes. Then Wenden spoke up again.

“Doona, you are a wonderful cook,” he said with such obvious sincerity it made the others smile.

“And there’s plenty of it for a growing boy as yourself,” said Doona with a face full of gratitude.

“I am full grown,” objected Wenden.

“Not the growth you will be experiencing soon,” said Enisaw. “Your body was deprived and now it’s getting the nutrients it needs. You’ll be stronger than you’ve ever been soon.”

“Truly your knowledge fills me with wonder. Where did you get all this knowledge?”

“We found it,” said Jendi, “simple as that. Our world was like yours at one time, lacking in nawledge and understanding of the world, our people lived in small houses or huts, we farmed — not very well at that, and we lived simple lives. One day some of our people were digging in the ruins of what had been a village, and they found a series of boxes. Carefully locked inside those boxes were books — text you would call them — that had been buried before our world had lost its way due to the zealots.”

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