• Nick Richards

Chapter 6: A New World - Part Six

“What would have happened to you otherwise?”

“I would have worked the fields as my father did before me.”

“But as a guard, you learned instead?”

“Oh, yes, the priest has a large library, and the guards are allowed to borrow the texts if we wish. Mostly they do not wish, but I did, and I read all the time. That’s how I began to think about space for I read a text that talked about a time, long in the past, when we had vessels of our own that went into the sky, and I could hardly believe it was true. Then you showed up and I knew it was true!”

“Believe it or not, but the texts we have indicate Enarw was a major center for shipping to the stars. Ships like ours must have come along often, and your own people would fly your ships to other planets.”

“I cannot believe it, yet here I am.”

“Here you are, indeed. OK, if you have finished your coffee, why don’t we go into the exercise room and you can show me how physically fit you already are. We can then work on any areas you might be lacking, though you seem to be in decent shape, or at least will be once you eat enough of Doona’s meals.”

“She is amazing! What did I eat for supper last night, I mean, it was local game, but the sauce was unlike any I ever had.”

“Yes, Doona makes great sauces. She loves to hunt for local food when we land on a planet. Keeps us from eating freeze-dried meals all the time.”


“Kept very cold until ready to eat.”

“A miracle.”



“In time, my friend, in time. Let’s go.”

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