• Nick Richards

Chapter 6: A New World - Part Ten

“Wenden deserves to know the truth of the matter,” said Jendi with moist eyes. “This is not an easy transition, and not everyone accepts it.”

“As we keep seeing on every planet,” said Vialon quietly.

“As we keep seeing, yes,” nodded Jendi, “but I do not give up.”

“But perhaps we can try from the bottom up next time?” suggested Vialon.

“Fine,” said Jendi, “we will try from the bottom up on Shadrach. Frankly, it’s probably for the best given their history. I think we will find a very religious planet when we get there, for they always were a devout people even before the zealots came along.”

“The zealots were there too?” asked Wenden.

“Oh yes,” said Sevenser, “they took ships and went to all of the inhabited planets to spread their message. Went to Enarw too, but how you overcame them without them leaving a trace in your mind is a puzzle we have not yet solved. Maybe your priest knows the history even if he wouldn’t want to share it with us.”

“Why is this ship called the Candell?” asked Wenden.

“Ah,” said Jendi, “that comes from one of the books that was found by the nawledgists. They talked about nawledge and the famous nawledgists through humanity’s history, even when we just lived on a single planet millenia ago. Men like Newton and Einstein, and one nawledgist called Sagan who said nawledge was like a candell in the dark. So when our planet sent out this ship to spread nawledge that had been lost, they called it the Candell since we're bringing light to dark places.”

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