• Nick Richards

Chapter 6: A New World - Part Three

“I know,” said Jendi. “Our plan, when it works, if it ever will work, is to expose people to small changes at first. A better way to farm, or make tools. As they master those, we would show them more complicated things, and so on, until eventually they too would have starships and the crew to fly them. In your case, we jumped right to starship, and your poor head must be in rough shape. All I can say is that we are people just like you, we eat, we sleep, we have fun, we work, we read, we relax. So for every new thing you are going to see, please remember that it’s just a tool to do the same things you have always done.”

“Who is priest on your world?”

“We have priests of various kinds on Aurial, and everyone here and there are welcome to worship in any manner that suits them, or not at all — yes, no need to jump, no one is going to throw us in jail for saying that. It’s just that the priests do not run our society.”

“You run it.”

“Well, I run this ship, but not our society.”

“But I serve you when I’m on this ship?”

“We all work on this ship, but you are no longer anyone’s servant. You are a worker just like us with all the rights and privileges that we have.”

“But I obey you?”

“Well, if I give an order, then yes, in that sense you do what I say. But once we get back to Aurial, you are free to leave the ship and do something else in society. No servant can say that.”

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