• Nick Richards

Chapter 7: The Emptiness of Space - Part Eight

“Yes, vast improvement in just a matter of a week or so,” said Enisaw as she finished her latest examination of Wenden. “Your weight is up to normal range, your blood work is excellent, and every measurement of your body is showing improvement. You look like you’ve gained muscle too.”

“Soldier training is serious on this ship,” said Wenden.

“Yes it is. Who’s been doing the training, Grif?”

“No, Janen. He’s a nice person but he trains hard.”

“Ah, Janen, yes, he’s a fit specimen, isn’t he? If he’s been training you, it’s a wonder you can keep up, but be glad it wasn’t Tinno instead.”

Wenden whistled low in agreement.

“So at this point I am no longer concerned about your well-being. The minerals and supplements I’ve given you have erased your body’s deficiencies, Doona’s cooking is putting on the pounds, and Janene is making sure those pounds go where they are supposed to go. I have just a couple more rounds of vaccinations to get through and you’ll be in great shape.”

“I’ve never felt healthier,” said Wenden.

“Just what every doctor likes to hear,” said Enisaw as she smiled. “Will you go out to Shadrach when we get there in two days?”

“I haven’t heard,” said Wenden. “I have just been training. No plans are shared with me.”

“Hmm … no, I guess they wouldn’t at this point. No matter, whatever they asked you to do, I’m sure you will be able to do it well.”

“Even fire a gun?”

“Have they shown you that yet?”

“No, they’ve just explained what guns are and shown me how they work, but they haven’t let me touch on yet.”

“Sensible. No rush, those are the most dangerous tools we use, so why push it until you have mastered everything else?”

“A gun is like my hair trimmer, in principle, right?”

“Hmm … in a manner of speaking, I suppose there are tek similarities, but that’s like saying a rain shower is like a tidal wave. They have similar components, but the effects are quite different.”

“I suppose so. We could never stop someone with a hair trimmer.”

“You could enrage and enbald him, but that’s about it.”

“Thanks, doctor,” laughed Wenden as he left the medical bay.

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