• Nick Richards

Chapter 7: The Emptiness of Space - Part Four

Janen took the hair trimmer and held it about a half meter from the top of his head. He flipped the switch, the whirring started, light shone from the end of the device, but no light reached his head. Then he moved the trimmer down to his chin level and slowly brought the trimmer toward his chin. When it was just two centimeters away the light suddenly shown on his chin and the hair reached by the light was gone.

“You really do have to be close to the skin before it works,” said Janen as he handed the trimmer back. “No need to be afraid.”

Wenden took it, placed the end just off his chin, gingerly flipped the switch and immediately felt a light breeze as the hair on his chin vanished. He slowly moved it around his jawline and started laughing when he got to his neck.

“I never could get this completely smooth, but this thing is doing it!”

“Yes, it doesn’t affect anything but hair, but hair gets wiped out completely. You won’t have to shave in the morning if you don’t want to. It gets it deep enough to last a couple of days if you need it.”

“And you never have accidents?”

“Oh, sure,” said Janen, “that’s a rite of passage for a young man, his first trimmer mistake. Makes for good laughs with your mates, but it grows back, doesn’t it? It’s more a problem with soldier training. It’s not unheard of for half-bald young trainees to shamefacedly show up for inspection after their mates have had a laugh with a trimmer. So I wouldn’t trim when you are drunk, or anything, but you’ll be fine.”

Janen left the cabin as the whirring continued.

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