• Nick Richards

Chapter 7: The Emptiness of Space - Part Seven

“Yes, what is it this time?” asked Filn as she sat in the engine room and saw Kinter approaching.

“Oh, um, is this a bad time?” asked the soldier as he backed up.

“No, not a bad time. Not much going on right now. What’s on your mind?”

“Just wanted to see you,” he said.

“Me, or the computer controlling the engines?” she laughed.

“Well, yes,” he said. “Look, I like computers, you know that, and I’m good at using them, and it’s fun for me to look for code improvements. It’s like a puzzle to be solved, and when you solve it the feeling is satisfying. But I also like you, and I like hanging around here when I am not training. Am I unwelcome to you?”

“Nah, sit down and have at it, if you wish,” Filn said as she looked back down at her console.

“We are three days out and nothing is going on. Efficiency is within normal parameters, nothing is not working, and when I get to the next planet I intend to clean the engine housing, but can do nothing further until then.”

“Care for a cup of coffee? I’ll bring us a couple of mugs,” he said as he turned around and headed for the dining area.

Filn looked at him walking away, then shrugged and looked back at her console.

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