• Nick Richards

Chapter 7: The Emptiness of Space - Part Two

“So we are going faster than a horse, I am guessing. It looks as if we are going nowhere when I look out the front.”

“Those lights are so far away you’ll never see them move,” said Renger. “So you can’t look for local trees or hills to guide you. And yes, we are going much faster than a horse. If we were to go past your planet at this speed, you wouldn’t see anything more than a brief, colorful blur for an instant. Where we are going is quite far away, and that’s why it takes us a week of very fast travel to get there — only five more days now.”

“This is a boring job, I think,” said Wenden, “for you just stare out a window at scenery that never changes day after day.”

“Well,” said Tateena, “we actually look at our instruments — uh, these things on this console — this thing — and that tells us where we are, how fast we are going, if any other ship is nearby, and so on.”

“There are other ships?” asked Wenden.

“Not from Aurial,” said Rengen. “This was the first ship we built to travel to the stars. But we keep hoping we will find other planets that also made ships, and still use them.”

“So yes,” said Tateena, “we scan — look — for other ships, just in case there are any, but overall our job is not the most exciting at this point in each voyage. Landing is fun.”

Rengen raised an eyebrow, but smiled.

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