• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Eight

“Bin, this is amazing!” she said. “Instantly clean. Look at this bucket now!” She handed it to her husband who had joined them in the kitchen, and he saw the half-full bucket of water was as dirty as they had ever seen it. Whatever that pellet was, it had made so much dirt flee from the clothing that a bucket of clean water had instantly turned black, but any clothing pulled from it was pristine and new.

Bin looked at Jendi in wonder. “Got anything for the farm?” he said quietly.

By the time they left their house in mid-afternoon, enough gadgets had been left in Bin’s and Gren’s care, along with instruction on use, to completely overturn their normal lives. Gren’s daily chores could now be done in a tenth the time, and Bin found ways to double his vegetable yield in half his usual time. Jendi explained that the devices drew power from the sun, so when they ran down they just had to leave them in the sunshine for an hour or so. Otherwise they would be useful for many years. The laundry pellets would only last them a year or so, but it would be a glorious year for Gren. Both Bin and Gren urged them to make trade deals in the village so these new tools could be shared with all. Jendi agreed.

They walked back to the path, waving goodbye to the generous family, including the two boys who were holding stuffed animals that occasionally talked to them, causing the boys to break out in raucous laughter each time. As they made their way toward the village, they could see the family behind them waving vigorously.

“Nice to feel wanted, eh chief,” said Grif as they turned a bend and were no longer in sight of the farm.

“Nice for a change, yes,” said Jendi.

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