• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Five

“Hmm … yes, that they are,” said Bin. He turned toward his wife. “Let’s invite them for lunch, we have plenty, and I’d like to hear about far away places.”

Gren excused herself and went inside to see to the preparations, and her two children, two boys, went inside after their mother since they showed signs of being shy in the company of these strangers.

“Thank you,” said Jendi, “to be honest, I am feeling hungry already, so we would very much enjoy staying with you for a meal. But are you sure you have enough for all of us?”

“We always have enough,” scoffed Bin.

“Well, we have some food with us in our packs, and we’d be glad to share with you in return,” said Jendi as she gestured for the soldiers to come in.

It was as typical a farm house as one would expect, regardless of culture or planet. The kitchen was the focal point of the lower floor, with big windows looking out back onto the farm fields. Next to the kitchen was a dining area flooded with light. There were ten chairs around that table, though only place settings for four, though Gren quickly had her two boys gingerly lay out five more place settings while constantly shooting looks at the strangers who would smile when they caught their eyes. The boys would blush and look away each time, and then sneak more looks.

Bin greeted Grif, Vialon and Tinno, and he showed all the visitors where they could wash from their walk. When all was done, and the food almost ready, they all sat down at the strong wooden dining table, and each sat where Gren said to sit. In a few minutes she had steaming hot plates of chicken and dumplings set in front of each person.

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