• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Four

“Will we be able to find a tavern in the village where we can get a meal?” asked Jendi.

“Yes, several places,” said the wife. “Can’t go wrong in Ashkelon, as they say. Not that we go for meals often.”

“No need, when you have such a good cook at home,” replied her husband.

“I’m Jendi, and this is my friend Sevenser. Thank you for your kindness in giving us directions.”

“And who are your friends? Your husbands and an extra?” asked the man.

“No,” laughed Jendi, “not our husbands, but yes, they are our friends. That one there is Griff, the shorter man, and next to him is Vialon, and the tall one is Tinno.”

“You have strange names,” said the wife. “I’m Gren and my husband is Bin. You have fancy names. Where you folks from?”

“Jendi is fancy? I’ve never heard my name described that way, but I’ll grant you that Sevenser is an odd one.” Jendi ignored the look Sevenser gave her. “Have you folks traveled much?”

“Nope,” said the man, “been living in this valley all my life.”

“Ah,” said Jendi, “well, we are from far away, and have traveled a long way by now, seeing as much of Shadrach as we can.”

“You say Shadrach funny,” said the woman.

“Yes, regional accents are funny that way, aren’t they?” said Sevenser.

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