• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Nine

“So far, so good,” said Vialon with a smile.

“So far,” said Jendi. “Let’s see how this village treats us.”

“I estimate we are going to be about a five-hours walk by the time we get to the village,” said Vialon. “Are we planning to return to the Candell this evening?”

“With the local currency they basically forced on me,” said Jendi, “I was thinking we could try paying for a couple of rooms for the night in one of their inns, or whatever they call the local equivalent. Spend the night, explore the village, then walk back tomorrow afternoon.”

“I just wish to verify no one will be expecting us tonight,” said Vialon.

“I told Renger that we might very well spend the night considering how far we were from any local residents. Orders were not to search for us unless we had not returned by the third morning.”

“Meaning the morning after tomorrow?”

“Yes, so if we return tomorrow evening, we are on time. And even if we have to march through the night and return the next morning, there still won’t be panic on the ship.”

“Very well,” the military leader said, “we will see what life is like in the village.”

“Inns have meals, do they not?” asked Grif.

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