• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part One

“Nicer weather here.”

Jendi turned toward Grif and agreed. “Not as cold as Enarw. Hope the people are also warmer.”

The two of them were walking with Vialon, Tinno, and Sevenser as the first group to venture forth from their landing site. The Candell was set down in a remote area, far from any major population centers they could discern. The history books from the teknologists said that Shadrach was a farming-centered population that was not as forthcoming as other planets. They weren’t hostile to visitors, but they also weren’t anxious to trade other than when they needed to. They had large communities, but not cities, and little in the way of industry even at their peak back in the days when the history book was written about them.

Jendi had suggested this meant Shadrach might be a place that had little cataclysmic change. Even if they were affected by the zealots, the religious extremists might have found in Shadrach a kindred culture in many ways. No need to return to the land when no one had left the land. The book said that when they did trade, it was typically one type of grain for another type that had a poor harvest that season. A few tek tools were traded, but nothing to the extent of the big industrial cities of Enarw and Synthel. So a few tek tools would be re-introduced by the crew, and this time perhaps they would find a friendly enough audience. To improve their chances, Jendi took Vialon’s advice and decided to start small and go big. That is, they would try the rural areas first, but they would jump to the good stuff instead of just showing a better way to harvest potatoes. The five of them had large packs stuffed with interesting tools and toys — plus some foodstuff just to show the farmers where their hearts were.

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