• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Seven

“Let me show you,” said Jendi, as she got up, gestured for Gren to follow her into the kitchen, where Jendi grabbed a serving plate that had encrusted gravy and chicken bones. She put that plate in the sink, took the metallic cylinder, flipped a switch, and then started waving the cylinder back and forth in a pattern over the surface of the plate. As she did so, the gravy on the plate, the bones, crumbs, even leftover stains from long ago, all disappeared. As in, they did not get wiped up into the tool, or slide down in the sink. Jendi only held the plate over the sink as a gesture of what she was sure Gren was used to as the place for cleaning plates. No, this device seemed to make all the leftover food matter simply vanish every time Jendi waved it over a section of the plate. The plate itself was fine — actually better than fine. When Jendi handed it back to Gren, the farm wife saw that the plate looked brand new. It shone. Gren looked at Bin with a mouth wide open in astonishment.

“Got any dirty clothes?” asked Jendi with a grin.

Gren nodded with big eyes, as if a new world was opening to her. She ran and got a handful of her boy’s dirty clothes, pants and shirts and underwear. Jendi asked for a bucket, Gren handed it to her, she filled it halfway with water and then dropped the laundry in. She then took a pellet from her pack, dropped it in the bucket, and immediately pulled out the clothing, squeezing them dry in the sink, and then handing it to Gren to examine. The farm wife did so, and again her jaw dropped. The clothing had instantly become free of any stain, smelt clean and new, and the worn patches on the pants were now solid.

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