• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Six

“Delicious food, ma’am,” said Vialon. “I’m so happy you invited us to stay. A better meal than we could have gotten anywhere else, I’m sure.”

Gren smiled and said, “It’s just plain cooking.”

“Keeps you in the field all afternoon,” Bin replied as he spooned another bit of gravy-soaked dumpling into his mouth.

“Not me,” said Grif, “I’d be sneaking back into the house all afternoon for another bite of this gravy.”

“So you folks farmers?” asked Bin, looking at the men.

“Traders, actually,” said Vialon. “We are here looking for things our land does not have and seeing if we can set up trade between our peoples.”

“Traders, eh?” said Bin as he rolled that word around in his mind. “I know we ship fish from our ports, but mostly we have what we need right in this valley.”

“Have you got any industry?” asked Jendi.

“What, like toolmakers and such?” responded Bin. “Yes, we have those, and smithys too.”

“’Smithys’?” asked Jendi.

“Blacksmiths, I expect,” said Sevenser.

“Ah, sure,” said Jendi. “Well, we have those too where we come from, but we have other tool makers too. For example, do you have this tool in the valley?”

Jendi reached behind her chair to her pack, and from it pulled out a small, metallic cylinder. She held it up for Gren to see.

“Nope, never seen the like of it, what is it?” asked Bin.

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