• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Ten

“Yes, Grif,” said Sevenser, “that is the usual way of things. They cater to travelers and we are travelers. I have to wonder if most people are as insular as Bin and Gren though. They took our misdirection of an explanation at face value — we are from ‘elsewhere’ without pressing us on the detailed understanding of where elsewhere is called. They wouldn’t know it anyway, from the sounds of things. An innkeeper, on the other hand …”

“…will have more questions,” continued Jendi. “We have to use our new nawledge with the innkeeper. Did you get your questions answered?”

“Yes,” said Sevenser, “I asked the boys, after they let me talk to them. While you were amazing their mom and dad with miracles, I asked them to show me their school books. When I saw them, I turned to the maps and had them show me where they live, and they did, so now I know what this village is called, as well as what the other side of the world is called. We are travelers by small boat from the island of Creet. It’s not very populous, but the people there like to sail, and that’s what we did to this continent. It’s not likely most people have met Creetians, but it could explain our accent if they don’t know better. We can hope the innkeeper hasn’t met many.”

“Good work,” said Jendi.

“Yes,” said Vialon, “that was quite clever of you to engage the boys like that. I saw you talking to them, but didn’t realize what you were up to.”

“It’s why she’s the administrator,” said Jendi. “She gets things done.”

“I tip my cap to you, Sevenser,” said Vialon.

“What cap?” asked Grif.

They walked another twenty minutes before they saw the outline of the village, and in ten more minutes they were walking through its outskirts. This was Ashkelon, the name of the local village according to Sevenser. The sun was setting and they looked for an inn.

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