• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Three

“Greetings,” said Jendi as she and Sevenser got within five feet of the porch and then stopped.

“Beautiful day,” said Sevenser with a smile.

“Indeed it is,” said the man, looking at them curiously, but not cautiously. His wife had a similar countenance.

“I hope we aren’t being too much bother,” Jendi said holding her arms out and down with palms facing them, “but my friends and I are not from here and we would like directions.”

“Sure thing,” said the man. “Whereabouts you headed?”

“Oh, we have no place in particular in mind,” replied Jendi, “just a sense of where this road will lead us.”

“Well, this road heads down the valley to the village, and then beyond that more farms until you eventually get to the sea.”

“Thank you,” said Sevenser.

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