• Nick Richards

Chapter 8: Shadrach - Part Two

The two suns were in similar spots in the sky, indicating mid-morning in this part of the planet. They had marched since dawn and were approaching the first signs of developed life they had found, as the path they had taken had broadened into a proper road. Up ahead were a few houses in front of their respective farm land. In the fields were people using horses to plow land, or hand tools to do more intricate work. Jendi was pleased to see that they were dressed in a way that was not dissimilar to the locals. One thing at a time, she felt, and the longer it took before they had to admit they showed up in a spaceship, the better chance they had to find common ground. Once they showed the tools they brought, of course, there would be explanations required, and sooner or later it would be inevitable that the Candell be brought up. One step at a time, Jendi thought.

One farmer waved at them but in a matter-of-fact manner that required nothing more from them than a return wave. He did not show any concern about their presence or appearance. So they kept walking down the road until they found a farm with a husband, wife and two children on the porch of the house taking a break. Sevenser pointed them out and Jendi agreed. Like being a door-to-door salesperson, she thought as she and Sevenser approached the family as they walked up the path from the road. The soldiers stayed on the road, but removed their packs and talked quietly among themselves to help put the locals at ease. Let the two women approach, while the three men looked casual and at ease themselves. No threat here, see!

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