• Nick Richards

Chapter 9: The Magicians - Part Eight

“What are your thoughts, Vialon?” Jendi asked. “Did our approach work this time, do you think?”

“We are dealing with primitives here,” he responded. “It’s hard to say how they will take this new tek, but they can barely understand it, so perhaps this would have been a planet to reach out to the leaders first.”

Jendi looked at him sharply, but if he realized the contradiction from his earlier advice he did not show it. What good is advice if it changes every time facts on the ground change?

They walked to the edge of the village and out on the open road. Within thirty minutes they passed the farm house that Bin and Gren lived in. As they passed, Gren came out into her yard.

“Did you enjoy Ashkelon?” she asked sunnily. Evidently she was not put off by magic. Jendi noticed her shirt was spotlessly clean and bright. She smiled at Gren.

“Yes, thank you for your guidance,” she replied. “We found a lovely inn and had a great day today. How is Bin?”

“He’s in the fields,” Gren said, “but I’ll tell him you passed by again.”

Sevenser saw the boys in the window and she waved at them. Seeing this, the boys smiled and waved furiously back.

“Nice to see that for some people magic is acceptable if it solves daily problems,” said Grif as they moved along the road out of earshot of Gren.

“It would suit everyone on the planet if they just gave it a chance,” sniffed Vialon.

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