• Nick Richards

Chapter 9: The Magicians - Part Five

“We will stop back in two days,” said Jendi as she started walking toward the door. Tinno saw this and immediately followed suit. “See you then,” she said, “in the rain.” The merchant stared at her leaving, then back to this instrument in his hand. He shook it, held it up to his ear, and then shook his head.

“Is that the plan?” asked Tinno.

“I will try,” said Jendi as they walked down the village path away from the store. “We need to get back to the ship by tonight. But no reason not to make another venture when we might make a believer out of the man who sells equipment to everyone else. Get him on our side and we have a head start. Let’s find the others.”

They walked further into the village, following the direction she knew Sevenser had taken. They looked casually at each stall they passed, or the occasional food vendor. As the merchant said, they saw no selling of farmed fruits and vegetables, but there were a few places that sold dried meat and other food meant for snacking. You eat your meals at home, Jendi thought, but you could get an extra something from these food stalls.

It was past noon when they caught up to the others. They greeted Jendi and Tinno quietly, and then the five of them strolled in the afternoon sun that felt good.

“Any progress?” asked Jendi.

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