• Nick Richards

Chapter 9: The Magicians - Part Nine

They walked along with Tinno looking lost in thought. Then he spoke up as he looked at Jendi.

“I just realized what’s wrong with that town,” he said. “No churches. For a planet as primitive at this, and with people who are clearly believers, you would expect churches around to keep them in line.”

“They might have been further inside the village,” said Jendi.

“But no cathedral as we saw on Synthel and on Enarw,” said Tinno.

“Too small a village,” countered Jendi. “We deliberately avoided the big population centers on this planet, remember?”

“Perhaps,” said Tinno thoughtfully, “I just think they need some kind of control for people to react the way they did the last couple of days.”

“Meaning what?”

“These people are afraid of something. I would feel better if I could figure out what that something is.”

“You are too worried,” said Jendi. “These are ordinary villagers.”

“Those are the worst kind when things go wrong,” said Tinno quietly.

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