• Nick Richards

Chapter 9: The Magicians - Part One

“Did you sleep well?” asked Sevenser as Tinno sat down at the breakfast table in the Inn.

The five visitors had found Ashkelon to live up to Gren’s description. There were places to eat and places to stay the night, and while there didn’t seem to be many visitors at this particular Inn, the innkeeper was clearly used to strangers showing up. With the coins given them by Bin, and with only a small amount of confusion, they had booked two rooms for the night for the five of them. The three men shared one room and the two women the other. An extra bed had to be brought to the men’s room, at extra cost (the innkeeper picked out the appropriate coin from the confused Vialon’s hand), and all of them had enjoyed a quiet sleep in beds that were a bit too soft for what they were used to.

“Somewhat,” replied Tinno as he poured himself some coffee from the central pitcher. “My training made it hard to completely relax when in enemy territory. I slep fitfully.”

“Are we in enemy territory?” asked Jendi to Tinno’s right. The five of them were the only ones in the dining room, which had three tables, but they crowded around one of them while the innkeeper and his wife went back and forth bringing platters and drink.

“Until proven otherwise,” said Tinno quietly.

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