• Nick Richards

Chapter 9: The Magicians - Part Seven

They found another inn, from all appearances, and walked inside and asked if meals could be bought. They were told only breakfast and supper, so they left and found another place further down the road. They were told the same there, but the owner said he could take pity on visitors and make a little lunch for them if they had enough money. They did have enough coins, so the five of them sat by themselves in the small dining room and waited for the man to prepare whatever this place liked for mid meals.

When they finished their food, about an hour later, and paid the innkeeper with most of the rest of their coins, they got back on the road and headed back toward the ship. They walked a little ways until they passed one of the shops they had entered, and outside of it a woman hailed them.

“You the visitors who gave my husband that magic item?” she asked in an accusatory manner.

Again with the magic, thought Jendi.

“We are the ones who left a tool with him, yes,” she told the wife. “Is there something wrong with it?”

“It ain’t natural, that’s what’s wrong with it,” said the wife. “Here, take it.” She held out the laser knife as if it were hot, gingerly handing it back to Jendi, and then hurrying back inside. Jendi looked at Sevenser, shrugged, and then continued walking.

“I don’t think they like magic on this planet,” she said to Sevenser.

“Good thing you didn’t show them how to launder her clothes,” said Grif, “or else you’d be publicly executed.”

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