• Nick Richards

Chapter 9: The Magicians - Part Six

“Some,” said Sevenser. “We found a few shops that would look at our tek, but one of them handed it right back as if it burned his hand or something. He wouldn’t look at anything else, and we gave up on him. Another fellow liked the laser knife we showed him, though we didn’t call it a laser of course. We showed him how to make easy and precise cuts in leather, but when we did the same on a piece of metal he had, the light in his eyes went off. I’m not sure he has any idea how it works, but he likes the way it works a lot.”

“You left the knife with him?” asked Jendi.

“Yes, I could barely get it away from his grip when I wanted to show him how it worked on wood, and how you have to be careful not to set it on fire.”

“Then we have had a little success today. Did you note his shop’s location?”

“Sure,” said Grif. “We can find it again.”

“Good,” said Jendi, “so let’s get something to eat for mid meal, and then I think we should head back to the ship so we can reach it by sundown.”

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