• Nick Richards

Chapter 1: The Candell - Part One

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The arrow whizzed so close to Grif’s head his hair ruffled as it flew past.

“I really don’t think they liked your message, Manager,” he said.

Jendi gave him a brief look, but she was too focused on the danger. Arrows continued flying by, most not close enough to cause alarm, but occasionally one was dangerously close.

“There, that thicket,” ordered Vialon, pointing at some trees to their left, about a hundred meters away. The four of them ran that way, arrows occasionally intersecting their new route, and just as they reached the first of the trees, Sevenser cried out in alarm. Jendi saw what happened. An arrow had hit her square in the back, and bounced off, but the force of it startled Sevenser. Jendi helped her back onto her feet and they ran the rest of the way into the safety of the trees.

“You must let me shoot them!” cried Vialon. “They are coming, and these trees won’t protect us long. The Candell is still a couple of kilometers off.”

“I’ve explained this too many times,” said an irritated Jendi. “Last resort only. We are trying to make friends.”

“And doing a great job of it so far, boss,” said Grif.

Ignoring the sergeant, Jendi turned to her administrator. “Are you hurt?”

“I seem to be healthy,” replied Sevenser. “These things work, huh?”

Jendi looked at her back, saw nothing out of place, put her hands very close to Sevenser’s back until she felt the electric tension of the shield start to push back on her hand. At that moment in the wooded gloom she saw the faint glow that was the only indication that they wore this protection.

“Seems to be operational,” said Jendi, “and yes, good to know it works in the field, not just in the tests. The nawledgists said it would, but it wouldn’t be the first time they were more enthusiastic about their capabilities than their understanding.”

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