Chapter 001: Day Eleven

Sarah smiled politely, in an apologetic sort of way, and walked to where Martin had been standing. She had been officially appointed leader of the survivors and she had missed it. Sarah took a moment, once again, to smile and look at the crowd gathered in front of her, and then she spoke.

"This is a time of sorrow for us all, for our brother, our friend, our leader, and our light, Benedict, has left us. What can one say when the light goes out? There is nothing that can be said, really, because words, no matter how pretty or powerful, have never lit a single stove or even so much as raised the temperature of the smallest wick of the smallest candle.”

Sarah continued, “While the shock of the darkness overcomes us, we must become adjusted to the darkness of the work without our brother, our friend, our leader, and our light. As soon as we are able, we must act; even through our sorrow. We must stand to find a candle and to light it. We must find a lamp. We must do what it is that we must do in order find the light we never thought would diminish. We must reach out with our hands and blindly move through what was once comfortable within the light; now made dangerous in the dark, until we find our way once again."

"We will not be able to accomplish this through words, for words in the dark only echo back to us how alone we are. We will only be able to do this through...."

"What about The Shadow Men? What are you going to do about them?" a voice from the crowd yelled, interrupting Sarah.

Even though the ones that had gathered thought it in poor taste to shout out while Sarah had been speaking, Sarah saw several heads nod and eyebrows raised in expectation of her answer.

Sarah felt the wind go out of her. She hoped that she did not look as defeated as she truly felt inside.

"I don't know." Sarah finally said.

The crowd began to murmur and shuffle. Within a few short minutes of her leadership, she could already feel their trust in her breaking apart.

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