Chapter 001: Day Thirteen

Her father had referred to her one time as an imposing figure. Even when she was a child, the adults always made remarks that it was going to take a strong man to tame her. Apart from her physical characteristics, there was no debate among the survivors that Sarah was, by a great distance, the most intelligent of them all.

The problem was Sarah's temperament when it came right down to it. While without equal from an intellectual standpoint, Sarah had very little tolerance for stupidity. Although during the last few years serving as a representative and working close with her uncle, the sharpness of her temperament had been reigned in, the emotions that raged inside of her were still there in full force. She might not snap at people the way she had when she was younger but the impulse to do so was still as strong as it ever was.

She thought of Terence and smiled. He had tried so hard, and even though he had eventually walked away from Sarah and into the arms of another woman that he said was "easier", she never told him how close she had been to letting him in. If he could have only stayed just a little longer and fought to gain her trust just a little harder, she would have been his forever.

What Terence and the others didn’t understand was that the level of trust Sarah had for others was the most important thing to her in the world. She was strong, intelligent, and capable and did not need anyone to help her in those areas; what she needed more than anything was the ability to be vulnerable. She needed to be able to go to someone in moments exactly like this when she was lost, lonely and scared and to be able to collapse without fear of being labeled as weak. Terence, like everyone else, leaned on her for strength and that was why, in the shadow of the Benedict's funeral, the survivors walked off together, comforting one another, while Sarah walked into the shadows alone. They needed her to be strong when they were weak.

Sarah looked up and found that she was standing in front of her parents’ door. She smiled and wondered if they would mind if she spent the night with them.

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