Chapter 001: Day Twelve

"But Benedict didn’t know either!" Sarah instantly rebounded, getting their attention again. "All of us that represent you have heard on more than one occasion that Benedict was as scared as you are, as I am, about the effect The Shadow Men are having on us all. We have tried everything we know of and yet, we know nothing more about The Shadow Men than we did when they first appeared."

“I will tell you this, and I will promise you this above all things." Sarah spoke, feeling the heat in her face. "I will do everything to stop The Shadow Men and beyond that, to help their victims. That is all Benedict would promise you and that is all I, and your representatives, can promise."

With that, the ceremony was over. The crowd began to disperse without a word being said as Sarah felt her people slipping away from her, as if she had been trying to hold onto water. She remained in her place, watching them go, and feeling the sadness they felt as they went home, knowing the future that was waiting for them.

Even as her words of encouragement regarding finding their way out of the dark still hung in the air, Sarah knew that they were nothing more than children curled up alone, terrified and crying.

With nothing left to do, Sarah smiled at the few that remained at the station and began to walk away without any thought as to where she was going. She knew that she wanted to get as much distance between her and the platform as possible and that was all. As she walked, she could see that even though the crowd of people were now finding their own paths back to their homes, she was the only one she knew of that was walking alone. She felt jealous of the arms that were around the shoulders and waists of others in small attempts to comfort one another.

Sarah had never known that kind of comfort from another human, other than her parents of course. On the outside, Sarah could hardly be considered the most attractive woman of her age. Her face was rounder than others and her shoulders were broad, not in a bad way, but in a manner that matched her height, which was around six feet tall. Her long, jet black hair was perpetually in her way, but framed her face perfectly if she would take even a few minutes to tame it, which she did not.

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