Chapter 002: Day Fourteen

What the dusty books on Sarah Parker record is much more profound than merely her strength of character, which any school age child can understand. The deeper depths of Ms. Parker lie within her overwhelming optimism in the face of unrelenting disaster. Being able to see beyond the darkness of fear and depression the way she was able is truly one of the most remarkable acts of any human and historically equal to that of anything of

Lincoln, Churchill, or Wellington.

- Graduation Speech at The Unified College Of Sydney

President Alaister Cooper 737 A.R.

Chapter Two:

Sarah knew that she was dreaming. She knew that what she was experiencing was impossible. Not that any of that mattered; it was far too wonderful to apply something as fleeting as logic and being reasonable to the situation.

She stood on a white marble pathway next to a white marble building that stretched so high into the blue sky that it was lost among the perfectly white clouds above. Yet this remarkable building was only one of thousands that stretched out as far as the eye could see, covering the horizon in all directions. Witnessing a vast city that stretched the boundaries of her sanity, Sarah had never felt so small and insignificant in all her life. Across a chasm was another remarkable building with giant windows that glittered in the mid-day sun like tremendous diamonds that had been cut to perfection.

Yet what unnerved her the most was the absolute silence. Even the wind that blew through the canyons of the buildings did so in a manner as to not disturb its unseen inhabitants. Sarah began to walk and her footsteps broke the silence like a single person slowly clapping in an empty theater, a lonely and melancholy sound.

She walked without purpose or direction in her dream, feeling the soft white linen dress caress her skin as it blew gently and calmly in the breeze, like she were moving in slow motion or underwater.

Even though she had never been to this place (she was, after all, only dreaming) she imagined that at one time it had been crowded with people moving above and below her like a great colony of ants, each with a unspoken purpose and individual destinies.

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