• Erin Gilman

Book 001: Day 003

He quickly dressed in long pants and a long sleeve shirt and continued to look for his shoes. He knew if he did not catch up to his father soon he would be in trouble and lately he had been in way too much trouble. Noah moved quickly, hoping it would not be too late to catch up.

He found one of his shoes but could not find the other. He ran out of the room, looked around the living room of the small cabin, and saw his missing shoe nest to the fireplace upside down. How one of his shoes had been in his room and the other by the fireplace was beyond him, but it Hadn’t been the first time. He could hear his mother’s voice in his head telling him to take better care of his things.

Noah bound across the room in a couple of large steps, put his shoes on over the socks he had worn to bed, and ran the door of the cabin. Within seconds he was on the path where he hoped he would catch up to his father sooner, or later.

With no time to stretch his legs or his back like his father had always instructed him to do, he felt stiff and awkward as he tried to get into a rhythm. If his father got too far from the cabin and Noah did not catch him, then Noah would be cleaning out the barn next to the house well into the evening.

Noah’s thoughts about his punishment consumed him as he ran on. It had been a cold night and Noah knew that the waste from the animals in the barn had probably turned into a frozen muck and it would take hours with a shovel to clean it up. Once again, Noah heard his mother’s voice in his head saying that if he had cleaned out the barn last week like head been asked to do, then blah blah blah. It was no use to worry about all of that now. His only hope was to pass his father, beat him back to the cabin, and hope as a reward, he would get out of some of the nastier chores for the day.

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