• Erin Gilman

Book 001: Day 004

Noah began to feel the small of his back begin to ache and the muscles in his legs beginning to protest as they were introduced to the cold so quickly. He knew that once his body figured out he was determined to keep running no matter what, all the pains would settle down and his body would begin to work like a fine-tuned machine.

He ran along a path that he knew by heart. He looked down across the mountainside where the cabin had been built and saw the sun rising above the distant mountains that were beginning to turn green with the springs grass. Even though many of the mountains still had snow on them, Noah knew it would only be a few weeks once the grass had turned green that the snow would melt and the summer flowers would cover the mountainsides with a million colors in every direction. It was his favorite time of year.

None of the trees had any leaves on the thousands of tiny branches that intermingled above Noah’s head, creating covered low ceiling. Soon he would reach the part of the path where the branches were so thick and tightly woven above him, that he would not be able to even see the sky.
 These trees were giant black sticks reaching out of the ground like longs fingers reaching up from the dirt from some unseen hand. This part of the path always caused a tinge of fear to run Noah’s spine. The trees took on the shape of dead things, as he continued down the path, he tried his best not to look through the trees and only concentrate on his breathing while taking every step at an even pace. He still might not be quicker than his father, but he knew if he maintained this speed the entire route back to the cabin, he stood a chance. His youthful endurance had saved him more than once.

His mind drifted back to the dark forest around him. Noah knew not to look too hard through the woods on the mountain. He knew the creatures would be somewhere, watching. They were always watching. His parents had warned him that even though the creatures in the woods didn’t mean him any harm, they were nonetheless wild things and it was possible that they would hurt him. He was told to do his best to ignore them.

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