• Erin Gilman

Book 001: Day 005

When he was younger, Noah did not know if his parents were just trying to scare him when they told him not to look at the creatures. Their home was isolated, nestled on the mountainside amongst an enormous thicket of trees and bushes. It was feasible that if Noah ever got the notion to wander off from the cabin and his parents, they would never find him, nor would he be able to find his way back to the cabin. It was not until they began these morning runs with his father that he began to suspect the creatures to be real. Around the cabin, Noah never saw anything other than his parents, but during the run, if he looked hard enough into the woods, he would see them. Noah knew instinctively that they were watching him, following him.

They blended into the forest perfectly. The only way he was ever able to catch a glimpse we by catching the outline where they were blending in. The outline distorted the trees or the grass slightly. Once Noah looked for these signs, and he learned to focus not one the distortion but beyond the distortion like similar to seeing something out of the corner of your eye, he saw the creatures everywhere.

Noah did not know what they looked like when they were not trying to blend in, but he knew they were large and walked on two legs. He asked his parents hundreds of questions over the years but they always told him there would be a time when he was older when they would tell him more.

That had not yet arrived. He suspected that this year on his sixteenth birthday, they would begin to speak to him as if he was an adult and not a child any longer. Although his birthday would not be for another six months, he could not wait.

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