• Erin Gilman

Book 001: Day 007

Just under six feet tall, Noah’s father claimed to be old, but Noah could not imagine his father aging. He had always looked exactly as he did now in Noah’s mind. Noah knew his father was much stronger than he was, even though his frame was much leaner than Noah’s. Noah was already the same height as his father and showed no signs in slowing down in his growth. Both of his parents beamed with pride at his height and said they imagined that he would be six and a half feet tall, if not taller.

Noah did not know if his parents were old or young because apart from the few books that Noah’s mother used to teach him in the afternoons, Noah had never seen another human being other than his parents in his entire life. Much like the creatures in the woods, his parents had always told him that he would not understand until he grew older, but Noah had weaved together a narrative from a series of stories and anecdotes, a version of the truth that his parents would never confirm, but more importantly; never deny.

From what Noah put together, his father’s family was on the run and was being hunted for one reason or another. For several generations back. His great-great-grandfather made the decision to retreat away from all society and built the cabin. Now the men in his family would only leave once for a few months when it was time to take a wife

Noah shook his head trying not to think about that event in his parent’s lives. That tradition really bothered him because as deeply as he loved his mother he did not think it fair she had to marry a man she did not know, and then leave her family to go live on a mountain and never see or contact the ones she loved again. Also, he did not understand why his father, a man in mortal danger would leave and bring someone back into his world, thereby, putting her in danger. Furthermore, the idea of arranged marriages for generations was the scariest part of the entire store. The idea that his mother has been set aside for his father to arrive was terrifying.

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