Book 001: Day 008

It always seemed to Noah that his parents were happy in their life, but he could not imagine what would happen if he were to be paired with a woman who would eventually grow to hate him instead of love him. He thought of the gravestones up on the hill behind the cabin where his grandparents and great grandparents were buried. Knowing they all had survived arranged marriages helped, but he was wondering how many of them were happy with the way life on the mountain had treated them? Noah shook his head again and got focused on the running as they reached the highest point on the trail, which finally rose above the trees. The entire mountain range and the lake at the bottom of the valley several miles below the cabin were visible and it still took his breath away. Maybe never leaving the mountain was not such a bad thing after all. Noah looked out over the expanse expecting to see the valley waking up as the sun continued its morning journey over the hills and forest that stretched as far as the eye could see. Oddly enough for this time of year, a heavy cloud hung over the mountainside and seemed to be making its way up the mountain towards them. Noah realized he felt no wind as was usually the case when the clouds crawled up the mountain. As he was thinking this he almost ran into the back of his father, who was standing in the center of the path looking out over the hillside towards the house. Without saying anything, his father took off running again, but this time not in a casual race that the two of them enjoyed but in a full sprint that made him look as if he was out of control as he made his way down the steep path covered in loose stones. Noah looked in the same direction as his father when he realized what his father has seen: The hillside was not covered in the morning fog, but smoke. Noah could now smell the burning wood coming up the mountainside from the direction of the cabin. Following his father’s lead, Noah sprang into action and followed behind, as fast as he could.

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