Book 001: Day 010

It was the smell of the fire burning in his nose that finally caused Noah to get up and start moving again. When his eyes focused he was in the middle of several black tree trunks with no leaves, in the bottom of a V-Shaped crevice still high up in the mountain. The slope he had just fallen down had no rocks on it to get any kind of footing in the wet grass, so Noah made the decision to move down the crevice straight towards his house. A large column of smoke had risen high into the air guiding Noah as he slowly began to make his way down the mountain.

He felt dizzy and there was a strange metallic taste in his mouth. He grabbed each tree as he moved slowly fighting to stay balanced as he made his way side-stepping down the embankment.

Out of the corner of his eye, he knew the creatures had found him, but, because of the dizziness, every time he turned to look, he had trouble keeping his equilibrium. He continued moving downward knowing he was being surrounded, hoping they would not attack him before he reached the safety of his cabin.

The smoke in the woods began to grow thicker and Noah's eyes and throat were burning. He began to wonder of the forest had been caught up in the blaze and wondered if he was walking into a growing forest fire blindly that was now burning out of control.

He began to move faster as the left side of his body was beginning to go numb. He continued to hold on to tress with each step with his right hand, which was beginning to bleed freely after being scraped so many times from the rough bark.

The spots in front of his eyes began to grow larger again forcing him to stop and lean on the closest tree. He closed his eyes tight, fighting to keep the consciousness he had to push his body to keep moving. It was different this time, unlike when he was pushing his body to keep moving when he was running. When he was running his muscles were nearly protesting something he knew his body was completely capable of achieving. This time Noah knew the needs of his bodywould cause everything to shut down and he would pass out regardless of where he was. Was he dying?

Noah shook his head and refused to go into the blackness his body craved so much. He regretted that he had chosen to go down rather that up and back onto the path. His feet moved and his hands stabilized him each step he made even though he was not conscious of the movement. To his surprise when he looked around he found himself in a small clearing he knew to be just above the cabin. He could not see the cabin yet through the smoke and seemed to move with a life of its own. The one shape he saw distinctively were several men running through the woods.

Noah continued to move forward not knowing what to expect but hoped that whomever he saw would be able to help him. He made his way through the ever increasing familiar landscape towards the cabin. It came as a great shock when, from a distance when a man in black crossed his path holding a long sword in his hand. The man did not see Noah hobbling down the mountain, but Noah suddenly began to grow more alert as the little adrenaline he had left surged through his blood.

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