Book 001: Day 011

Noah's father had taught him about swords. His father had said several times that if the people who hunted and persecuted the family arrived, that they would take them off of the mountain by force and that Noah would have to be prepared to fight back. One of the daily exercises with his father, apart from the four-mile run, involved practicing with two old swords that they kept hanging on the wall. Noahs' mother would even join them now and then when she could. Both of them worked Noah very hard teaching him that it might be the difference between fulfilling his destiny and being murdered like an animal.

Noah did his best to stand up straight again and began to make his way towards the cabin as quickly as his injured body would allow, without being seen by the many shapes running through the smoke.

Names were being yelled out and orders being issued all around him, but Noah moved through the trees using his familiarity with the landscape to his advantage.

He knew he was coming to the edge of a clearing that was next to the barn when standing in front of him with his back turned away, was the tallest, yet the skinniest man he had ever imagined. The man wore tattered robes and a large scabbard around his waist which kept the torn robes from falling off of the emaciated form. The scabbard was beaten up and looked as if it had spent most of its existence underwater going to waste. The only thing in sight that was in worse shape was the small pathetic sword being gripped tightly by the tall skeleton of a man.

As if sensing Noah's presence the figure turned quickly and bent in a defensive position holding the sword across his body and his hand off to the side for balance. Noah could sense the attack coming and braced himself the best he could. The man opened his mouth so wide he looked like a snake who dislocated his jaw in order to devour its prey. A surprisingly deep sound bellowed from the grotesque mouth that echoed off the tree trunks all around him. Before Noah knew what was happening the man darted to his right and Noah suddenly found himself standing alone again.

Noah reached the flat ground that made up the homestead behind the barn. He could still see men running in front of the house and he slowly made his way around the barn. Noah began to wonder if his father had made it down the trail by now and if he had, where was he?

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