Book 001: Day 013

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Immediately Noah's father draped Noah's arm around his shoulder and began to pull and drag Noah across the opening in the trees in front of the cabin. It was no longer about hiding, both Noah and his father were just trying to survive. Noah was eventually lowered to the ground next to a large tree several yards in front of the cabin. Through his blurred vision, Noah helplessly watched as his father ran back into their home holding up his arms to protect himself from the heat. With a slight shift in the wind Noah could see inside of the cabin and saw his mother grabbing blankets and whatever she could reach and throwing everything into the fire, as if she was fanning the flames that had already consumed most of the house.

When his father reached her she looked out of the cabin and directly into Noah's eyes across the clearing. With a sudden realization, as if coming to her senses, they both started to make their way towards the front door.

Just as Noah expected them to emerge from the fire and smoke a giant cloud of ash, fire and smoke engulfed the home. After a moment Noah saw that the ceiling had collapsed down on them. Noah could hear them above the sound of the fire, above the sound of the men shouting and fighting in the woods all around him, shouting his name so clearly it was as if it were the only sound left in the world.

Noah began to crawl towards the house even though every movement brought blinding pain from his shoulder. Suddenly, a group of men grabbed him and began to drag him towards the treeline causing Noah to almost blackout from the pain. As quickly as they grabbed him they let go and Noah fell roughly to the ground face first. He turned over onto his back and found he could no longer lift his head. Looking up he saw more of the giants with wings holding the men who had grabbed him in their powerful arms, no matter how much they protested. Their tremendous forearms wrapped around their necks of the men cutting off all oxygen, as their helpless legs kicked at the air.

More men dressed in black appeared in the clearing waving swords which only caused the giants to rise higher into the air and to let the ones they held fall back to the earth like rag dolls.

None of this mattered to Noah. All he could see was the collapsed roof and knowing his parents were trapped inside. As helpless as he knew it was, instinctively he began to crawl back towards the cabin.

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