• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Trunk show

Updated: Oct 15, 2020


“I think the sleeves are still a little loose at the wrist. Mel, what do you think?,” said Roberta.

“Maybe a hair tighter so you can wear your Verdura cuffs.”

Francesca re-pinned the forearm to the wrist on both sides while Alba supervised the process with a sharp eye, Roberta looking on from her mirrored reflection in the ersatz fitting room that was actually the music room of hostess Sandra Brahmin’s Boston home. Roberta’s sister Melanie, who used to work for Michael Kors, accompanied her to every trunk show. Roberta bought her a look as well for her sartorial advice, which Melanie only wore when in the presence of Roberta or Alba as it wasn’t really her style. But, free clothes are free clothes so she gladly accepted.

Roberta Gardner was a beautiful blonde with a great figure and looked outstanding in Alba’s designs - which she wore almost exclusively. She was one of Alba’s top clients and knew everyone who was anyone in the Boston and Palm Beach area as well as the exclusive enclave of Fishers Island off the coast of Connecticut, so Alba was particularly attentive to her needs. In fact, she was actually hoping to entice Roberta to become more than just a client.

“Mama, I think you need to start higher at the elbow so the line is angled correctly.”

Francesca glared at Alba but moved the pins up slightly to make the adjustment. Alba reached over to guide her hand.

“Here. I think if you ……”

Roberta was having none of that. She slapped Alba’s hand away and shouted, “Allora! Fallo tu stesso!!” while making an obscene gesture, abruptly moving to the window and pointing for Alba to do it herself.

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