• Michelle Fix

Prologue - Vineria

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Dinner was a raucous affair of loud conversation, clinking glasses, and non-stop compliments to both the caterers, Alba, and Rich who provided the wines from his Sonoma estate.

Everyone mingled about the Palazzo, enjoying a last glass of wine, limoncello, or port as the evening wound down. Alba had thought of everything. It was an impressive evening and a huge win for her - so she thought - in the eyes of her clients and business partner.

People were milling about the foyer as departures ensued.

Suddenly, Rich loudly stated, “Roberta, I didn’t realize that business was going so well. You should’ve shared with the team in Brookline. Congratulations!”

“Sometimes, it’s better to hold your cards, Rich. You taught me that,” Roberta responded. What is he talking about, she thought to herself, going over the evening in her mind. “Alba….I look forward to having a glass of vino with you when your harvest comes in and you’ve pressed your first batch next year. You know, I just purchased a winery in Sonoma last year. It’s a relaxing and rewarding endeavor. I didn’t know you had an interest in wines - Roberta never mentioned that. You’re going to love it. Welcome you to the club!” he raised his glass to Alba.

“Rich, I would welcome drinking the first bottle with you and Roberta. What an honor. You were my inspiration for buying into the winery - that and the delicious chianti! Salute!”

“Salute!” Rich polished off his glass and set it on a nearby table.

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